Saturday, September 18, 2010


This time I have posted a light house,a joker and a sunflower in my mom's blog myself. My mom taught me how to blog the picture and publish post.

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  1. OH , So beautiful. Both the kids are talented. Quilling is a paper art, We do art by rolling and pinching strips of paper. Quilling kits are available in art shops.You can find wonderful videos on basics of quilling. Its not difficult , hope to see your creations soon. You are so good at embroidery, you will like quilling.

  2. Thank you very much aunty

    from Harshini and Manjusri

  3. nice pic.. kutty... Draw more..

  4. both manju and harshi i am impressed by your drawing skills.i wish you good luck in your carrier by porur grandma


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