Friday, September 17, 2010

Bag and Purse

Hi........... good day,

Once I went to my friend's house , I saw her bag and I have very much impressed on her bag design. As soon as I
came back my home, have initiated to do the bag similar one .

I used my blouse material to do this bag. first,I embroidered the fabric, then I stitched it as a bag.

I took three days to finish this bag and after finishing this bag everybody liked it. I made two bags with different designs in different models. My friend took one bag and myself using another one.

last month I went to Rajasthan Art and Craft exibition.
There I saw the purse model which I showed here.
Immediately I started to make this purse and finished.
I took five hrs to complete this purse.
Now I am doing one more purse with different model and same will be posted later.
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  1. WOW!These are so beautiful.Lovely work.Did you make these?

  2. I too purchased a purse like this and kept it. But you had triedout for yourself it is great.
    By the by the bags are very nice.

  3. wow... very nice bags and very nice blog with your 2 daughters

  4. Hi Nalini,
    your works are have given a clear you stich blouse?if so pl post the tutorial.


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